An Overview

In 1985, the Punjab Group of Colleges had initially put the first step as Commerce College that functioned in Lahore. Over a period of 33 years, the Group has grown into the largest educational network in Pakistan providing top quality education from Playgroup to Ph.D with a student body of over 490,000. The Punjab Group consists of numerous companies in fields of education, information technology, media, and communications. Amongst these are the Allied Schools, the EFA Schools, the Resource Academia, Hadaf Group of Colleges, and three universities, along with Tower Technologies (Ltd.), a technology company. The Allied School System alone is host to over 200,000 students in more than 200 cities across Pakistan

In order to vertically integrate the education system to provide additional, high quality education options for Pakistani students, the Group also owns and operates three chartered universities, namely the University of Central Punjab in Lahore, the Capital University of Science & Technology in the Federal Capital, and Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi. At present more than 20,000 students are enrolled in these universities.

The Group also proudly owns Dunya TV which is one of the largest and most viewed television networks in the country accompanied with the addition of Lahore News TV & Roznama Dunya, a popular newspaper.

Punjab Colleges

Intermediate education is available at all campuses, and students receive the F.A/I.Com./F.Sc./I.C.S. certifications according to their selected courses from Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education. At Intermediate level, students are introduced to the core concepts of commerce and science.

At the undergraduate level, a public university degree is awarded to students in B.Com./B.Sc. which lays the foundation of subjects like Accounting, Economics, Business Law, Taxation, Commerce, Banking, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology for their future benefits. At the Master level, Punjab Colleges offer two distinctive programs, i.e. an M.Com. - Accounting and Finance, and a Masters in Banking programs awarded by UCP.

Hadaf Group of Colleges

Hadaf Group of Colleges is a hallmark project of Punjab Group of Colleges (The largest educational network in Pakistan) that has laid its first brick in the city of flowers “Peshawar” for delivering that quality of education which is craved by every academically inclined individual. Hadaf College is offering F.Sc (Pre-Medical), F.Sc (Pre-Engineering), F.C.S (Computer Science), F.A (General Science), F.A, I. Com, BS (CS), BS, B.A & B. Com.

The foremost aim of the institution is to spread quality education in every corner of KPK which will also uplift the literacy rate of Pakistan. Also, we believe in polishing skills and enlightening minds of the youth so that they can learn and think rationally while succeeding in the competitive world.

University of Central Punjab (UCP)

UCP has the distinctive feature of becoming the first university existing in the private sector of Punjab to acquire the status of a degree awarding institution. Today, the University offers numerous courses for instance; Business, Information Technology, Engineering, Law, Media, Pharmacy, Communications and the Humanities, amongst others.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU)

MAJU programs are tailored to meet the real needs of today's economy and employment atmosphere. The curriculum is constantly updated to remain in line with the demands of the latest trends in the markets and new developments in technology. The University also conducts training sessions, seminars, and workshops for professionals, which enable our students and others to apply what they have learned in practical situations.

Capital University of Science & Technology

Academics at Capital University are designed for a three-pronged purpose. Firstly, the focus is not on the popular market, rather on the basic and necessary requirements of our country's economic and manpower development. The second focal point is training. In addition to major academic programs, the University offers trainings, seminars, and workshops for the benefit of the industry, the public sector and the community at large. Lastly, the university endeavors in research which is highly valued. Capital University is deeply conscious of the fact that research and development are the main tools that the country demands in order to have a well-established economy.

Resource Academia

Realizing the importance of a high standard education, especially in the formative years, this plays a pivotal role in physical and mental development of children. PGC has taken an extensive initiative in the field of primary education by establishing a grade one to O'Levels School System.

The Resource Academia provides a highly interactive environment to groom children, engaging them into activities that give them a chance to imagine, explore and innovate. The unique talents of individuals are acknowledged and their aptitude is taken into account with respect to learning and understanding so that the academic requirement is met. As a result, the dedication of our qualified educationists aims to cross the line between simple learning and excellence.

Allied Schools

The Allied School System has become one of the fastest growing educational networks in Pakistan. Within four years, the Allied System has established more than 700 campuses across the country. All together there is an enrollment of more than 200,000 students at this time.

The purpose of Allied Schools is to prepare students with the promise to enhance their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and artistic growth so that they may realize their importance as pillars on which Pakistan is built.

In order to ensure this, Allied Schools offer a caring environment with a strong academic foundation, an exclusive focus on the individual child, and a balance between local and global standards with modern approaches.

EFA Schools

The Education for All (EFA) School System makes the best of educational standards more accessible to the citizens of Pakistan, thereby attempting to fulfill it’s mission of ‘no child left behind’. The School recognizes that not all parents can afford high fees that most schools are charging, but do not want to compromise on the quality of education being provided to their children. The EFA system fulfils this gap by providing a high standard of education, all the while maintaining an affordable fees structure.

Tower Technologies

Tower Technologies (Pvt.) Limited (TTL) is a well-established IT company with over 225 man years of experience in software systems design and development. It has been in operation since 2001 and serves, amongst other independent projects, as a support organization for the Punjab Group. Tower Technologies has built a substantial market presence in the sectors of Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Enterprise Application Development, Financial Solutions, E-Governance, Business Automation, Telecommunications, Media Industry, Computer Hardware, Network Solutions, Data Security and Education Sector.

Dunya TV

The economic, political and social fabric of society cannot be reformed until the nation’s media develop critical thinking for the benefit of the general masses. It is a major responsibility undertaken by Dunya TV, which encourages people to think consciously and objectively. Dunya TV was launched in 2008, with the objective of establishing an informative and entertainment media hub, blended with professional and unbiased news for the masses. Currently it is broadcasting news and current affair programs countrywide and is targeting the international arena as well.

Lahore News

The Dunya Media Group has launched the "Lahore News" - an HD television channel, exclusive to Lahore city. It broadcasts news and information about latest happenings and events in the city of Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan. It hopes that its contribution shall make Lahore a safer, a cleaner, a healthier, a better educated and above all – a happier place. At the Lahore News, we believe that Lahore is the most important part of our Dunya and we plan to work towards making it truly the same for every one of us.

Roznama Dunya

Roznama Dunya is the next logical step in the progression of the Dunya Media Group after the above mentioned Dunya News Network. Launching initially from Lahore, it has now started its publications from Karachi, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Gujranwala and Faisalabad, and will very soon be adding more cities in its fold. Within a short span of time, Roznama Dunya has emerged as one of the most widely read newspapers, held in high esteem by its patrons. The actual force behind the newspaper is its editorial team, who believe in uncompromising journalistic principles, fearless reporting and an unwavering commitment to the truth. Roznama Dunya features the leading columnists and opinion-makers in the country, and is edited by the most respected and well-regarded journalistic minds in the nation.

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