Scholarships can be better defined as the instrument of encouragement to appreciate and achieve students’ academic success. On one side scholarships helps to appreciate the hard work of students and encourage them to study with more dedication. On the other side, scholarships are essential for students who couldn’t make their.... Read more

Intermediate results part 1 are announced. Check the results if you are student of I.COM/FA or if you have been appeared in FSs. Part-I exam. Its exact time to know the final marks which you gained in Inter part 1 result. Following boards declared the results simultaneously, on Oct 9,2019..... Read more

Smog is a kind of intense air pollution formed as a result of fog and air pollutants such as Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, smoke and other particles in the air. Classic smog occurs due to burning of large amounts of coal, plastic, vehicular and industrial emissions. It is.... Read more

We will define FSc in easy words, that is “Faculty of Sciences”. Normally, we call it Intermediate. However, FSc is further divided into two types if you talk about the nature of subjects.         FSc- Pre-Medical         FSc Pre- Engineering FSc admission 2020: Basically.... Read more

Coronavirus is almost in each country with very dreadful consequences. In Pakistan we need to be careful from the virus because each day the number of infected patients is increasing. Even we see lockdown and no more office, no more shopping malls entertainment but still situation is getting worse. The.... Read more

There are different concepts of education in modern society. We will here explain some common concepts of education which people have in their minds. Education is one of the biggest wealth that a human being receives. And it is necessary for every human being to get an education because of.... Read more

Obviously, it is a great question like, what is the main purpose of education? Education is a very vast field and we cannot define it in a few words because it covers various aspects of life. Sometimes, we talk about religious education, sometimes we keep discussing social education. Some day.... Read more

Higher education is of great importance in life and helps every person who seeks to move up the career ladder and achieve impressive success in the professional field. Higher Education Develops Personality Every person who has a master degree almost finds difficulty in getting a good job. All employers require.... Read more

The MBA is a professional degree that is focused on management. Its objective is to provide management skills to graduates of higher education who wish to acquire the abilities necessary to manage staff and familiarize themselves with the realities of the business. In addition to technical and academic skills, the.... Read more

Education is obligatory for all human beings. It is a feature that gives us special status in society. The Importance of Education is a vital issue in one’s life. It is the way to succeed in the future and to have numerous prospects in our life. Training has many advantages.... Read more