Education plays an important role in the development of one’s personality. Mindful thinking, civilized behaviour, ethics of living a meaningful life, and productivity comes with a good education. During this process, students and parents go through multiple procedures that may include queries, questions, and complaints. Not every time everything can.... Read more

Education is the ability to feel joy and suffering at the correct time. It creates in the body and in the spirit of the student all the magnificence and all the purity which he can handle. Read details of Definition of Education by Different Authors here in this article. Definition.... Read more

Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science. Both the programs are somehow interconnecting and have a significant value in the educational and professional world. This study has become more popular among students as the need for computers and new technologies are also increasing. In this modern era, the creation of machines has.... Read more

Precautions are necessary for everyone in all situations whether a child is coming back home or any other family member. People do not have the option to stay calm and don’t care about it. Students who were staying in a college hostel or just went to study might have met.... Read more

FA (Fine Arts / Faculty of Arts): FA is the 11th and 12th two years combined class that comes after matric. It consists of a variety of combinations and subjects. Subjects can vary in the first year (Part-I) and 2nd year (Part-I) Students choose this program based on their matric.... Read more

Pak Army: With the emergence of Pakistan as the independent country in 14th August 1947, Pak Army came into existence and took charge of defending Pakistan against all the threats of war and aggressive actions by enemy countries. Its main purpose is ensuring the national security and unity of Pakistan.... Read more

What is I.Com? I.Com means the Intermediate of Commerce. It is an optimal degree program as thousands of students get admission in I.Com every year. Students usually choose this program because it is a career-oriented field. Especially those who are interested in banking and mathematical things from the very beginning.... Read more

What is BSCS? BSCS is a 4 years’ program (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science) based on computer studies. It helps an individual to become a good programmer. Major aspects of this program focus on hardware, software development, and programming. It applies mathematical formulas, engineering skills, and artificial intelligence in.... Read more

What is Fine Arts? The three conventional divisions of fine arts are painting, sculpture, and architecture. However, many other arts-related fields have emerged from this term. It includes film, literature, music, poetry, animations, theatre, dance, all artistic talents, and other media related things such as communicating through media, are included.... Read more

Private students: Private students are those who choose to study from home. It means that they study on their own. You can read details of FA Subjects Combination for Private Students here. Students send a request for admission in the selected program through the board office by personal visit and.... Read more