Ever since a child is born, the speculations on what the child would become begin. In Pakistan it is very common for the parents to have their mind set on what they would like their child to do in the future. While a child is growing up the aptitudes and abilities of the child are measured on the expectations of their parents to become what they hoped them to. The inner potentials and desires of children are often neglected due to the mind set of their parents and they never fully realize what they are good at doing.

Pursuit To Be A Doctor

When a child is doing his early studies, the subjects that get most attention are sciences. Arts are never given proper attention and are never really sort after subjects. Somehow our society doesn’t really consider arts a subject of studies and think that they are for those who can do nothing. Hence, ever since a very early stage the only choice our kids have is studying sciences. Any other option is just unacceptable to our society that we cannot pursue it. When n school the kids have to embark towards Matriculation in Sciences and particularly Biology. This road towards becoming a doctor must, must and must be travelled by almost every Pakistani student.

Matriculation with Biology can lead you towards the ultimate pathway of FSc Pre-Medical. Yes! Yes! The Pre – Medical! That one overwhelming, very stressing, mind draining, most popular intermediate program. The very one program that is stepping stone towards becoming a Doctor. You spend two of your supreme teen years in college rummaging through piles of books and notes and studying like you were born to memorize those scientific theories as an FSc Pre-Med student. This is the reason that students often refuse to study FSc. The horror stories of how difficult it is to do FSc Pre Medical are not any secret. Plus the dreaded entrance exam after 12th biology further ads up into the toil.

Fields after FSc Pre Medical


What students need to realize and made aware of is that this one program doesn’t only lead to the most wanted profession in the country but also keeps the door towards other opportunities wide open for them to enter and go anywhere. In Pakistan becoming a doctor is the most sort after profession. A doctor is considered to be the most respect worthy person of all. It is that most noble profession in which females are given great respect and is somehow the top choice for girls.

Top fields after FSc Pre Medical

Top fields after FSc pre-medical will be mentioned here so that you can make up your mind about the best future field. Because there are more than 80 top fields after FSc but you will choose only one for your whole academic life. Majority of students want to go into medical fields but they have confusion regarding the best fields after fsc pre medical in Pakistan.

So, we decided to write all details here and it will help you to choose the best option after checking scope.

Medical fields after Fsc in Pakistan are explained below. Because after checking them you will have a clear answer to this question; what can i do after fsc pre medical in Pakistan?

22 careers after fsc pre medical in Pakistan.

  1.     Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  2.     BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology.
  3.     BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
  4.     Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharmacy)
  5.     Doctor of Pharmacy (D. Pharmacy)
  6.     Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS)
  7.     BSc in Nursing.
  8.     BSc in Physiotherapy
  9.     BS Vision Sciences
  10. BS Intensive Care
  11. Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)
  12. BS Bio-Informatics
  13. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  14. Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences
  15. Nuclear Medicine
  16. Respiratory Therapy
  17. Speech & Language Pathology
  18. BSc Hons Agriculture
  19. BS Bio-Medical Engineering
  20. BS Biotechnology
  21. BS Microbiology
  22. BS in Genetics

So, subjects of FSc pre-medical are listed here. You can know what is going to be taught in FSc pre medical.

Fsc pre-medical Part 1 subjects:

Career after FSc is of great importance as it is connected with your future. Choose the fields after Fsc pre medical wisely. Look at the subjects which you are going to study in FSc medical.

  1. English
  2. Urdu
  3. Islamiyat
  4. Biology
  5. Chemistry
  6. Physics

FSc pre-medical Part 2 subjects:

  1. English
  2. Urdu
  3. Pak studies
  4. Biology
  5. Physics
  6. Chemistry

These are the subjects to study in your intermediate classes. Pre-medical students normally prefer to follow a degree which leads them to become a doctor. However, if you look at fields of biology in Pakistan after fsc then still you will find 50+ options there. Main point is how many marks you get in your final FSc exams. If you secure 80% plus marks, then there will be fair chances for you to get admission in a bachelor degree in the top college of Pakistan.

Medical Courses After 12th

When a child makes his way to FSc, the pressure on him to perform and excel increases so much so that his parents get all set to see him becoming a doctor. Our society fails to recognize the individual potential of our kids. The numerous roads a single program of FSc can lead to somehow still remain unrecognized. The only search of the kids remain medical courses after 12th.

The first backup plan our students have while they are pursuing the career of a Doctor is becoming a Dentist. Being a Dental Doctor is still being a Doctor after all. Although for some students the first backup plan could also be to become a Veterinarian. You know a Doctor is a Doctor and treating animals is equally as noble, especially if the person is an animal lover. The other backup plan is to study Pharmacy. Students strive to enter in Pharmaceutics and D-Pharmacy Programs. Those who do pharmacy are also regarded as doctors of pharmacy and love keep the title while flashing those white coats. Basically those enrolled in FSc only want to focus on doctor courses after 12th.

Courses In Biology After 12th Except Mbbs

The efforts to keep the profession close to being a Doctor remain a struggle for the students. They only search for the list of paramedical courses after 12th. It is important that they keep their options open. What matters is that they speak to their heart and explore within what their real potentials are and try to embark on the roads that can actually take them to the destination where they can utilize their skills to the fullest. At this stage it is important that students are not made feel pressured or discouraged if they do not end up as future Doctors.

It is a very wonderful perk of FSc Pre Medical that you can pursue many other careers and many major professions can be joined at many prestigious institutes. Students should take some time to explore different options and check different programs available to study fields after FSc Pre Medical. Fields like Bachelors in Biology, Microbiology, Biosciences etc along with other courses in biology after 12th except mbbs are open for these students to become the best scientific researchers.

Clinical Psychology and  Applied Psychology  both remain available to these students for them to use their inner passion to be Doctor and help mental patients or those with psychological problems. Other than these fields, there are many more arts based programs that encourage FSc Pre Med students to join. In conclusion, the door for FSc students doesn’t close at Medical Colleges. There are many different roads and endless possibilities waiting for them to be chased, just look! search! find what is meant for you!

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