All About FSc. Pre-Engineering

FSc Pre-Engineering is a two-year foundation programme designed for students who dream to pursue higher studies in engineering. In Pakistan, FSc Pre-engineering is considered as one of the most sought inter-level programmes for those students who want to advance their career in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, or related studies. This programme gives the right exposure to scientific knowledge and experience that helps them find their passion at the intermediate stage. It is important to have analytical and quantitative thinking along with the right aptitude for science and mathematics that will ascertain your admission into one of the top engineering universities.


Pre-Engineering Test Preparation:

After getting prepared by two years of rigorous training at the basic level for engineering, students are required to give an entry test in the name of ECAT, which determines your level of reasoning and aptitude to enter into your desirable engineering field.


The goal of FSc Pre-Engineering: 

The main purpose for students to study in Pre-engineering is to get into various fields of engineering and mechanisms such as:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Aeronautical and Space Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Atomic Engineering
  • Meteorological Engineer
  • Telecommunication Engineering

Prospective careers apart from Engineering: 

In such competitive times where one may not end up in the engineering field, it is important to be aware of other professional degrees which have a lot of scope of success and growth.


  • Bachelors of Sciences (BSc.)- In Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry
  • Bachelors of Business Administration
  • Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Law

A Guide to FSc Pre-Medical

FSc Pre-Medical is an initial inter-level programme associated with the medical field. This intermediate programme offers the core subject of biology that directs to a career path of MBBS and its related fields. FSc Pre-Medical is chosen by ambitious students that dream to get into top medical colleges. It is considered as one of the highly sought intermediate programmes with top merit among other inter-level programmes. FSc Pre-Medical is one of the most challenging intermediate programmes that require a lot of effort, determination and passion to succeed in order to get top scores for admissions in top universities.

Core Subjects of FSc Pre-Medical

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

How to Excel in FSc Pre-Medical

Students of FSc Pre-medical are highly ambitious, goal-driven and hardworking that study day and night to excel in it. It’s important to know some tips before heading out for your goal.

  • Schedule your timetable
  • Pay attention to concepts rather than just cramming
  • Learn how to memorize along with concepts
  • Get maximum benefit out of test sessions
  • Stay determined, patient and success-driven throughout your FSc journey

Career pathways of FSc Pre-Medical

While students mainly choose FSc Pre-Medical to become a doctor, it is necessary to understand that MBBS is not the only career pathway of this programme. Pre-Medical students have many career options at their hands. Such as:

  • Doctor of Nutrition
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (D. Pharmacy)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Nursing
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Microbiology
  • Psychology
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • (Bachelor of Science)
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • BSIT and BSCS
  • Arm Forces

Dalda Scholarship 2021-2022

Dalda Scholarship 2021-2022

Dalda scholarship 2021-2022 is an opportunity for needy students. It is offered to brilliant students based on merit. When these scholarships have been announced, all deserving students can apply for the Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2021-2022.

The Dalda Foundation took this step to make students’ future bright. They put this effort into recognizing the importance of education. They gave financial support to those who could not bear the fee structure requirements. They acknowledged students who have a talent for being something but cannot afford the tuition fee. They can get a scholarship and fulfill their educational desires/

Dalda Foundation scholarship application forms are provided online on their official website. Students who are interested apply for this scholarship opportunity and avail this financial aid. They can visit their official website and apply for the Dalda Foundation Scholarship.

Many students get selected online through the official website. The last date of presentation of the application will is not usually extended. So be on time!

Since the results are coming out and students will be looking forward to enrolling in colleges. Those who have taken admission in the intermediate class or are simply going to get admission in the intermediate can apply for the Dalda Scholarship 2021-2022.

Important information:

Students will submit their applications through the appropriate channel. The scholarship will be guaranteed based on the applications submitted by the applicant. If there is something wrong with the application, your scholarship will be canceled. The stipend will be a fixed amount. You must follow all the rules that are required to obtain the Dalda Foundation Scholarship.

Students who can apply:

Those who get to obtain more than 70% in their previous grade, they can easily take benefit from this scholarship facility. Conditions and scenarios can differ from each group.

Please check the list below before applying for the Dalda Scholarship 2021-2022.

  • 80% for Pre-Doctors
  • 75% for ICS or General Group
  • 70% for Arts and I.Com.

Eligibility criteria:

  • All students studying in the intermediate class are eligible to apply for admission.
  • Applicant must have domicile from any district of Pakistan.
  • Students studying at O-Level are also eligible to apply for the Dalda Foundation Scholarship.

Documents Required:

These documents will be the first requirement and necessary to provide at the time of application. The candidate may also have to carry these documents at the time of the interview. These documents will surely be the requirement for applying. The students will put the information from these documents on the application form.

  • Result card
  • Student’s form B or CNIC
  • Guardian payment receipt as the candidate will provide the income sources
  • Applicant’s address

Applying for the Dalda Scholarship 2021-2022 will be a door-opening facility to continue studies without any hurdles.

Note: Students who could not apply for this scholarship must not be worried. They can also apply for other scholarships too.

There is a list of organizations and colleges that provide scholarships and concessions to aspiring students. Punjab Group of Colleges is one of the top organizations that motivate students by providing them quality education along with these facilities.

For more details, read articles on the Blog section of pgc.edu.pk.

Links for your relevant articles are also mentioned below.



These articles will provide enough information through which you will be able to avail the best scholarships from the most reliable sources.

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Government Universities in Islamabad

Government Universities in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan has the utmost privilege. People feel honored to be part of such a city. Those who belong to this city, have a charismatic aura in their persona. It is not only an attraction for tourists but also many students keenly get there for educational purposes.

It is the city of many renowned universities. However, among them, several government universities are being operated in Islamabad. Following is the list of those universities along with their descriptions.

All Islamabad public universities are meeting outstanding advanced educational standards. There are highly qualified and experienced professors in all public universities. Each year develops talented young graduates and teachers’ positions on the bright career line with challenging skills.

  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • National University of Modern Languages
  • COMSAT Institute of Information Technology
  • Bahria University
  • Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • The Federal University of Arts, Science, and Technology
  • Air University
  • Institute of Space Technology
  • Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Allama Iqbal Open University:

Allama Iqbal open university is the first distance education provider in South Asia. It has eased the hassle of learning on campus. Millions of students are taking benefit from this facility. Access to education has been simplified through this source of education. AIOU offers almost all the programs that come with a wide range of class levels for the student.

The university aims to provide the latest educational exposure to students. They cope up to match the world’s advanced learning experience. A supervisor is always attached to each student for guidance. Also, the course outlines are self-explanatory. Students can easily comprehend the concepts.

It is among of the best Government Universities in Islamabad. Especially female students enroll in this university and get to study with a great focus from their places. People from remotest areas are also given access to this type of education.

The relevant deprivation of females and the factor of poverty has been eradicated or improvised to overcome the inability of getting an education. The radiance of distance education through this university has touched the most challenging areas.

Quaid-e-Azam University:

Quaid-e-Azam university was established in 1967. It is relatively the an old university of Islamabad. It is a public education sector that offers education to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students. The management of this university tries best to provide modern knowledge to students.

National University of Modern Languages:

This university is quite famous among students. It is a government university with low fee structures and other facilities. National University of Modern Languages (NUML) provides the opportunity to study in various fields of education. Students can choose their required discipline according to their interests.

COMSAT Institute of Information Technology:

COMSAT is also a government educational sector. Many students graduate from this university every year. People kind of like to belong to this university. It has not only worked on their educational structures, but also they have a great environment for students. They offer almost all levels of education to students.

Bahria University:

Bahria University is a semi-government university that is controlled by the federal government. It was introduced by the Pakistan Navy in 2000. It is well-known and a leading educational institute. Students must take this opportunity and take admission in this university.

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences:

It is considered one of the best Government Universities in Islamabad. The university, Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) is specifically designed to focus on the fields like Technology, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. It specializes in programs like BS, MS, and Ph.D. The faculty is amazing who keeps the students updated and connected to their education. They provide the best quality of education.

The Federal University of Arts, Science, and Technology:

It is the best university in Islamabad. It offers a variety of programs and has flexible options for students. It offers education on all three levels. That covers undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs. Students who study at this university earn a great level of knowledge and enhance their learning.

Pakistan Institute of Development Economics:

PIDE, Pakistan institute of development economics is considered among the oldest educational sector. It was established in 1957. It offers a post-graduate program aiming to provide quality education at a higher level.

Institute of Space Technology:

Like its name, IST, the Institute of Space and Technology emphasizes the education related to astronomy. It also teaches aerospace engineering and astronautics. Along with the graduate and post-graduate degrees, it offers diplomas and short courses in the same fields. ‘

Students who are interested to study in the relevant field and belong to it anyway. This university is the best option for them.

Air University:

This university was established by Pakistan’s Air Force in 2002. It also offers all three levels of education for students who want to build their future brilliantly.

Students must take this opportunity to get admission to such a renowned university. Since it was introduced by Air Force, it must be the best among Government Universities in Islamabad.

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10th Class Result 2021 Bahawalpur Board


10th Class Result 2021 Bahawalpur Board

10th Class Result 2021 Bahawalpur Board

Result of the 10th class 2021 BISE Bahawalpur Date:

The BISE Bahawalpur result for the 10th class will be available on the internet for students to verify. The Board of Middle and Secondary Education has recently implemented serious security measures. So that the result of the Bahawalpur 2021 board cannot be leaked.

According to the recent news, the result of the 10th class of BISE Bahawalpur 2021 will be announced on September 10, 2021.

Punjab’s nine education boards together with the Bahawalpur board will announce the 10th class’ result online.

This year’s annual exams were supposed to take place in March, but due to COVID, 19 annual exams were delayed until May-June.

The main purpose behind the establishment of the Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education, (BISE Bahawalpur) was to conduct examinations and declare the result of the tenth class of the BISE Bahawalpur board.

In June, annual examinations were held for all students from the Board of Middle and Secondary Education (Bahawalpur board) and neighboring districts. After the statement of the tenth class Bahawalpur board result, students can request a new examination review.

Upon rechecking, students check their papers and point out any unfair marks on their papers. Students must stay connected with the BISE Bahawalpur board. That’s how they can get the news as soon as the result of the matric of the Bahawalpur board gets announced. Students will be able to check it via email, name, roll number.

September 10th, 2021

10th class result 2021 Bahawalpur board will be available on the board’s official website and other relevant sites as well. Students will be able to see it on September 10th, 2021 probably at 10:00 a.m. Must visit our website if you want to check your BISE Bahawalpur matric 2021 result before anyone else.

The Bahawalpur Board Matric result this year will only include the theory exam numbers. However, for the practical exams, the board will award students for their hard work.

All the candidates who took the exams are fiercely seeking the Bahawalpur matric result. Candidates who have passed these exams will be eligible to sit for the intermediate exams. Those who were unable to pass would have to wait a full year to reapply for the exam.

The preview for 10th class result 2021 Bahawalpur board will be available when you enter your roll number on the BISE Bahawalpur website, you will see: First, there will be your name, then your father’s name, your board registration number, and your photo. After that, all your Subjects chosen along with the final grades will be shown to you on that page. A column for the overall percentage and the overall grade will also appear on the website.

You will be allowed to print the result so that you can show it to your family, friends, or for archival purposes. You can enjoy your success as you have earned it.

5th class result 2021 Bahawalpur board:

The 5th class result 2021 was announced on 31st March 2021. All other Punjab boards had declared their results on the same date and day.

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AIOU Tutor Letter 2021

AIOU tutor:

It is a very common query raised by the AIOU students that who is AIOU tutor and what is AIOU tutor letter. To keep it brief and to the point, this article will focus on answering your questions to solve your queries.

An AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University) tutor is a teacher who teaches virtual education at the University. Many teachers apply to become virtual teachers at this university. Experienced teachers who have previously taught at any college or university, get selected. Their main responsibility is to keep a check on allotted students’ educational activities. They check their assignments and supervise them throughout their tenure.

AIOU tutor letter online 2021:


AIOU Tutor Letter 2021

Students can easily get the AIOU tutor letter 2021 online through the website https://si.aiou.edu.pk/.

They just need to follow the simple steps.

  1. Enter your AIOU roll number.
  2. Click on the ‘search tutor’ button.
  3. Then click on the print button and download the PDF file of your tutor.

AIOU tutor letter 2021 information:

The information you will see in this tutor letter will contain, relevant subject name, tutor name, course code, tutor’s address, study center, tutor’s contact number, and other required details that you need for sending your assignments to them.

In any case that you don’t find the required information and the downloaded file has no record of the AIOU tutor, you can contact their regional offices through this web address and put your concern.  https://aiou.edu.pk/RegionalOffices.asp

AIOU tutor letter 2021 information for spring and autumn semester 2021:

As mentioned above, you will perform the same steps on the above given AIOU official website link. That will help you find the tutor letter by entering your roll number similarly for the spring and autumn semesters.

AIOU tutor registration online 2021:

AIOU announces jobs for tutors every year through their official website or newspapers. Interested and eligible candidates can apply for a job at AIOU by visiting their official AIOU website and apply by downloading the registration form. The applicants will pay the bank challan fee after downloading the tutor registration form.

AIOU tutorship sign in:

When a new tutor needs to sign in to the tutor portal. They will go to this website https://otps.aiou.edu.pk/login_User.asp  and click on the new user registration and proceed with entering further the required information on the fields. Already existing tutor will simply provide the CNIC number on the login screen and proceed.

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What is Classical Education?

Mardan Board FSC Result 2021

Mardan board FSC result 2021:

Mardan Board FSC Result 2021

After conducting the intermediate final exams, Mardan, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has announced the result for students. Mardan board announces results through 3 main sources.

  1. Students can check their results directly at bisemdn.result.pk. The result can be checked either by giving the student’s board roll number or the student’s name.
  2. SMS alert for the result.
  3. Through downloading the gazette file online.

Mardan board matric result 2021:

The Mardan board takes almost 3 months to declare their matric result. Students can check their matric results following the below-mentioned details.

  1. Students can check their results directly at bisemdn.result.pk. The result can be checked either by giving the student’s board roll number or the student’s name.
  2. SMS alert for the result.
  3. Through downloading the gazette file online.

The Mardan board held the prize distribution ceremony for the toppers and announced their results. The board sites contain almost all types of information that can help students in solving their queries regarding admission forms, date sheets, and result announcements. They have also given the links to lessen students’ hassle of searching for the required information area. Students must take benefit from the board’s official website to check the Mardan board FSC result 2021 or Mardan board matric result 2021 online with other necessary queries.

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What is Considered Higher Education?

What is considered higher education:

What is Considered Higher Education?

Higher education comes after the secondary educational period. It is the education that students usually get after they have completed their first two cycles of education in school and in the college. Since higher education is the professional learning, it is taught in the university. Many colleges also offer higher education depending on their levels.

The person before pursuing higher education must be very clear about their professional aptitude. They must be aware of how the job market is. Also about the career they wish to pursue.

The minimum that a university degree can last is three years, and it can be extended for a few more years. Student have the liberty to choose educational programs according to their convenience.

What are the three levels of education?

Education in the country has the following levels and study modalities:

Initial education. Nursery school. Basic Half. Non-University Superior and University. In addition, there is formal, non-formal, and adult education. Special Education facility has also been developed.

Initial Education has had different concepts. However, they have only one line. That of studying young children, from 0 to 4 years old. That says that Initial Education is “the first and early education that requires a specific treatment. That is because these first years are decisive and because the child is simply a child in the process of maturation, development and not a little man.

Before, the child was considered a small man, who had the same obligations as an adult. So, from a very young age they went to work and helped to financially support their homes.

This has changed little by little because it has been observed that people require specialized treatment during their early years (0-4 years). It can be said that the child begins to learn from the moment of conception. Giving feedback, the internal world of everything the child receives from the outside.

While handling the personality, we are managing a large part of what it means to be a man since everyone is different. Therefore, different ways of treating and teaching people are needed.

Educational service

That is why, Initial Education can be considered as the educational service that is provided to children under four years of age. However, it plays a great role to obtain the higher education later. It is important to enhance their integral development. It is understood that development is an integral process that studies perception, thought, language, among others of the human being.

Higher education gives an important educational and affective environment. It will allow the child to acquire a culture (skills, habits, values). Also it helps to develop their autonomy, creativity, and attitudes necessary in their personal and social performance.

It is the first level of formal education within the system. It normally comprises three years of study. Access to basic education is not a requirement to continue studies.

The first two years of training correspond in their content to the conception of initial education. And the third focuses on readiness for schooling. At the end, higher education gives you an exposure never like before. It enables you to professionally prosper in your field.

It has great importance as a support for the development of children. Especially those who are socially less favorable.

It has the following objectives.

  • Stimulate the professional development of students through academic processes that take into account their affective, and social nature.
  • Strengthen identity and self-esteem in their living spaces, family, school, and community.
  • To develop the basic specialties of the students to guarantee their adequate preparation and incorporation into professional education.
  • What is considered higher education? It is the step into expert educational field. It regularly comprises 2 to 5 years of study from.
  • Six-year-old children will be admitted to first grade as long as they verify the ability and maturity to start in the first cycle.
  • It seeks to respond to the basic learning needs, both general (universal) and particular (of individuals in their socio-economic and cultural context). Both aimed at improving the quality of life of the person and their community.
  • It emphasizes the development of intellectual structures and skills that allow continuous learning towards higher education, rather than the acquisition of information.
  • Higher education Promotes the development of personality and values ​​for personal and social fulfillment and identity.

It has the following objectives.

  • Contribute to the harmonious development of the personality in the family, school, and community both nationally and internationally.
  • Instill a work discipline, order, responsibility, tenacity, and good self-esteem.
  • Develop capacities that favor efficient development in daily life based on scientific, humanistic, and technological disciplines, as well as relationships with art.
  • Improve expression and comprehension skills.
  • Promote respect for the human person, natural and cultural heritage.
  • Compliance with your duties and rights.
  • Contribute to the apprehension, practice, and respect for ethical, moral, and civic values.
  • It constitutes the top of the national educational system and represents the highest aspiration of scientific, humanistic, and technological training, within formal education.
  • By its nature, it is a source of guidance for national life in all its spheres, considering the challenges that pose a need in continuous transformation.
  • Its purpose is to train professionals in all areas to contribute to economic, cultural, and social development and growth, through science and technology aimed at improving the quality of life of the population.
  • It has the following objectives.
  • To train competent professionals with vocation and moral principles.
  • Promote research in all its forms.
  • Provide a social service to the community.
  • Cooperate in the conservation, dissemination, and enrichment of the cultural legacy in its national and universal dimensions.

What is the purpose of higher education?

The purpose of higher education:

The question what is considered higher education? From an individual’s perspective, higher education provides the student with academic training to access the job market. His professional vocation and personal interests and the situation of the labor market about the studies chosen.

This means that university research goes beyond obtaining a degree or a specific project, since the whole of society benefits from the knowledge obtained in the research task.

What are the benefits of higher education?

Benefits of higher education:

It is beneficial for the individual and society. It improvises and develops the economic and non-economic perspective

This article is part of a broader initiative aimed at collecting evidence on the question what is considered higher education and benefits of higher education.

The four steps included are the following: general (non-economic) benefits for the individual, general (non-economic) benefits for society, economic benefits for the individual, and economic benefits for society.

This article analyzes the impact on society as a whole through graduates and the transfer of knowledge. An evidence shows that higher levels of education are related to a range of social, well-being and cultural benefits for the individual. Also for their families, and society” and recommends “advancing research to better understand the impact of higher education”.

It includes only benefits associated with the completion of higher education, not those derived from research, spin-offs. These benefits are also associated with international students (tuition fees, for example), etc.

Furthermore, it is also indicated that in some cases there is a relationship between the educational level (qualification) and the benefit. The impact has more to do with “more years of education”.

The existence of close ties between the benefits for the individual and society, thus “the higher an individual’s trust and tolerance towards others. The higher levels of trust and social cohesion in general.

What is the importance of higher education?

Higher education is the main path for professional development. Through this, there is a strong economic, labor, family, and social impact and professional growth are increased. Also the possibilities and source of employment, and with it better conditions of employment.

It has a great impact on life. We can see a great difference between what they study in an advanced year or what they have graduated, about what they have not accessed it.

At the level of areas of social risk, when higher education can increase the population, poverty is greatly reduced. Values ​​are strengthened since technological and educational tools are obtained that allow it.

When a student wishes to elevate his preparation to a professional level, his option is to resort to higher education. Since it also provides deep knowledge, the ability to work in a team, design companies, manage them and achieve competitive results. Both in groups and individually.

In centers of educational excellence with an already updated global education, students acquire quality knowledge that allows them to contribute to the development of the economy and society in the country. Along with a notable rise in their standard of living. They can develop habits and skills for research and innovation.

A college education provides skills necessary to develop yourself in the field to work in specialized areas such as medicine, engineering, business, and science.

The way of teaching is changing and now you can prepare remotely, in blended classes, or the traditional model.

The increase in higher educational levels is transformed into a lower incidence of poverty and better economic and health results for the country in general.

Studying your way to a degree will allow you to get a better job in the future. You can open your business, or simply give you the ability to harness your skills in creating the life of your dreams.

Investing in your higher education

Investing in your higher education will help you succeed in life because you will be preparing yourself to learn to solve the problems that life presents you with.

Prepare for your future and to support your community in its economic and social advancement. Now more than ever you must study and adapt to the changes that are coming. Study online, study in the traditional modality, but do not stop doing it.

In a higher education center, over the days, the evolution that transforms students into better people with greater and more extensive preparation. They come up with new knowledge that allows them to contribute more in all areas.

Also a new phase in their culture when acquiring new learning related to ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies). Because they are being instructed in a context that changes the way of interacting with the environment and other people. They obtain a different perspective from the traditional ones. They place it in conditions that allow it to live up to a highly dynamic society. A society that constantly stimulates it with multimedia means that have a global reach.

Having a university degree changes the projection of the future and the present. Since it has achieved a high level of specialization that allows it to enter a labor market in constant development and evolution. There applicants who have not reached it are chosen.

Now you know what is considered higher education. From this opportunity, the graduates and even the other students have opportunities to be part of different groups. They can develop extracurricular activities that contribute to their professional performance as a result of different interpersonal relationships. In addition, at the end of their career, it is possible to opt for doctoral and postgraduate studies that make them professionals with greater knowledge and a higher job and social recognition.

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Why is Early Childhood Education Important?


Why is early childhood education important?

Childhood is the most important and effective part of one’s life. It is creation of human historical development. It is a relatively late result of man’s becoming. Whatever people grow like is mainly because of the childhood period’s learning.

In the early days, when the primitive, childhood did not exist. As soon as the child could barely walk and fend for himself. The child was immediately incorporated into the struggle for survival. To the casual gathering of nourishment that kept the life in the force. It has a great impact on existence of the components of a human group.

As a person develops, there are successive divisions of effort. Those efforts lead him to settle down and improvise his character, moral values and cultural norms. In the early times, childhood education did not exist. The child was given tools adapted to the physical possibilities that allowed him to join the work process. Also the instruments that were the same as those of adults. It included, the knife and other tools. In short, it was a small being with responsibilities similar to those of adults but on a tiny scale.

Why is early childhood education important?

When we talk about education we are not referring only to the acquisition of academic knowledge. All the information that we collect in the first years of life. That help us to function in the world and to develop fully as people. That is why childhood education is so important.

More about the importance of early childhood education:

It is in the first six years of life when the best conditions exist to acquire the tools that will allow us to develop and function in any situation throughout our lives. Hence the importance of education in the first moments of a child’s life.

The child’s learning process and growth as a person depend on the intellectual and emotional connections of those messages. That is why it is important to provide a healthy education for children.

Childhood education is a path to full development. It paves your ideas and concepts for future plans.

Values ​​that demonstrate the importance of education:

Some values show us how important education is during childhood, and that their absence will seriously affect future development:

Confidence: trusting oneself provides us with the necessary strength to face daily adversities. It also helps to face problems so one can achieve personal success.

Happiness: confidence in oneself, as well as in one’s abilities. It is the key to not giving up and achieving the goal. Achieving the goals, we have set allows us to develop as people. While providing us with great well-being and therefore happiness.

Why is communication important in early childhood education?

The upbringing that allows a child to grow holistically (physically, mentally, and socially). It includes food, health care, protection, cognitive and emotional stimulation, affection. Also the safety of the environment. This is the responsibility of families. But equally of the States, who must ensure access to quality education and health services.

As we know, the experiences that a child lives in both in the family environment and other environments such as school are fundamental.

Its impact is observed on physical and motor well-being, language skills, and understanding of mathematical concepts. Moreover, the ability to sustain attention and self-regulate the learning process itself, and emotions, among others.

Numerous studies suggest that the childhood education develops the ability to understand and break words into their fundamental sounds. It enables one to manipulate in preschool-age. This early education make children show better performance in reading and writing tasks in primary education.

As for mathematics, the approach to concepts such as the knowledge of numbers and ordinarily from the initial level affects the incorporation of more complex skills in this area.

These are functions that in turn give rise to other important skills such as the ability to remember. The information necessary to complete a task, filter distractions, resist inappropriate impulses, sustain attention, set goals. Also plan how to achieve them and monitor the result, and manage own and other’s emotions.

These processes occur slowly from infancy to late adolescence. There are different activities such as imaginative play, regulated play, and physical activity that help promote them.

Of course, the role of the teacher is central in the bond that they know how to build with the children. They support them and making them feel safe and calm.

The interaction between peers is very important but adults are the bridge in the relationship between children and their environment. We mediate in that relationship and to a large extent stimulate that bond depends on us.

There is nothing of higher priority to therapy.

Comprehensive, effective, sustained, and quality investment in our children. The adolescents must become a national policy that combines the efforts of civil society. The private sector, and, of course, the State. For this reason, comprehensive policies and programs for early childhood must be a State policy.

Investment in human capital should be our country’s main plan to achieve development and social equity.

What are the benefits of early childhood education?

One of the factors that most influence the advancement and progress of people in education.

Education makes us human beings, as it enriches our culture, spirit, and values.

But why is early childhood education important? Numerous investigations show that exposure to diverse and stimulating experiences during the first years of life. It is decisive for the development of the brain and the personality of children.

This means that the development of the child up to the age of 5 will be a strong projection of the performance. That he will have in his first years of school as well as in adulthood.

The development plan was proposed for children to obtain a satisfactory result. Which is why together with the social fund. They decided to invest in education and implement the initial childhood educational programs for children.

The programs are aligned with the educational principles raised. Such as that education must promote creativity and innovation. That is, it must encourage the production of new knowledge in all fields. These are based on playful methodologies focused on preschool children.

In addition to responding to the strategic objectives set for the development of regional education. It is to have quality learning. And thus achieve, a successful transition from initial to secondary learning.

So, to make a better society, let’s focus on early childhood education. It will contribute and help to train the adults. As we want to make a change in the region and the country. One of the factors that most influences the advancement and progress of the people, it’s education.


The question, why early childhood education is important, is well justified here.

The importance of early childhood education should not be underestimated. That, of course, has a large component of family support. But even in cases where the child can stay at home or with grandparents. It is also important that they go to Initial Training Centers where they will develop other skills from the hand of a professional educator. The skills such as socialization, respect for others, and the creation of habits, among others.

Countries and governments that have adopted some or all of these policy elements share a strong public commitment to young children and their families. In different ways, these countries have made efforts to ensure that easy access is available to all children. Also they have initiated special efforts for those who need special support. Meanwhile notable progress has been made in policy development and implementation in countries participating in recent years. There are still several challenges to respond.

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Why Education Should Be Free?

Why education should be free?

Why Education Should Be Free?

Following the international human rights law, primary education should be compulsory and free. Free primary education is essential to guarantee access to education for all. However, in many developing countries, families often cannot afford to send their children to school.

There are millions of school-age children surviving without an education. Despite international obligations, some of the States continue to set payment for access to primary education. In addition, there are often indirect costs related to education.

Those are in the form of school textbooks, uniforms, or transportation. That prevents children from low-income families from having access to education. Secondary and higher education will progressively become free. It will take time.

The financial difficulties faced by States cannot free them from their obligation to guarantee free primary education. If a State is unable to ensure free and compulsory primary education. “The progressive introduction of free education” means that states, in addition to giving priority to the provision of free primary education. Also must adopt concrete measures to achieve free secondary and higher education.

It seems that there is a consensus in society that the economic capacity of families does not impede accessing education. However, a problem arises when one thinks about why those who can finance their education should receive this benefit? This argument has been used transversally in the political world, from the right to the consensus.

Although this reluctance seems reasonable, the student movement has been in favor of education being free for all. It is an issue that does not seem to receive real attention and support. The question is, what are the arguments behind this demand?

Now, before answering this question, let’s try to contextualize this difference between the political world and the students. One of the main issues that these differences reveal has to do with the distancing between society and the political world. At this point, it is mainly concerned due to the crisis of representativeness that our country has.

This is a clear example of the distance that exists between society and the political sphere. To now answer the question raised above, we can summarize the meaning of this requirement mainly in the Autonomy.

Benefits of free education:

The benefits of free education are endless. From improving skills you later had to study a new job. Education is a unit benefit, more and more people are hearing about free courses, diplomas, and masters. But what benefit could a country obtain from free education? The answer to this question arises from the need to know what benefits free education brings.

With a series of steps, we will guide you to enjoy the benefit of free education. Today, it is available to many people. Regardless of whether you are a migrant or live in your home country. These tips will be crucial to get the free education you want in the country you are in.

Free education is the opportunity that countries provide for the improvement of the common population. Being foreigners or their native population. Free education brings the benefit that enables you to earn the education you want to have.

The country benefits from the result of educating professionals who later dedicate themselves to entrepreneurship. Also to transfer and utilize their knowledge and competence in the country where they reside to study and work.

To train in any field, planning is ideal when starting. With this method, you will be able to have all the study experience free or not. Having a study partner is also recommended since in this way the study hours become less tedious. It is when sharing the studies with a friend, family member, or partner.

Motivation is common when there is support. You must seek support from someone interested in expanding their knowledge. This is a recommendation given by alumni or people who are aware of this type of free educational opportunity.

Why education should be free, how is this beneficial to a country?

Education is a right that allows people to improve themselves integrally. This is the key so that the country has more young people prepared to face challenges. This is the best way to generate jobs, create companies, and innovate in sectors that without adequate preparation would be impossible to exploit.

For it is convenient to create programs that help people in difficult conditions so that they can access public and free education. However, giving them everything they need so that the process they decide to start is as rewarding as possible.

Free education not only refers to not having to pay tuition and semester. But they also have to create programs that contemplate absolutely everything. Such as food, housing, economic support of the young person, photocopies, and everything related to education.

This will prevent student dropouts from increasing. Because they have to remember that many of these young people have relatives for whom they can respond. And being immersed in the study it would be difficult for them to continue helping at home.

One of the alternatives that arise in cases in which young people have to collaborate at home. It is to get them a part-time job so that they can also support their family during that study process.

This should be a priority to guarantee a full free education program and although it seems a bit complex. Always taking the first step towards these changes is what manages to generate awareness in society. It thus builds a better country.

Free education advantages and disadvantages:

Free education in a country is one of the greatest advantages. Young people with low income who want to pursue a university career can have.

Education is one of the most important branches of our society. Since the beginning of time, it has been a fundamental pillar to get to where we are now. Whether in the form of education by institutions, schools, universities, kindergartens, courses, etc. Also in a more basic and timeless way, the direct transfer of knowledge from one person to another. For example, your parents when they taught you to speak.

The importance of education for all of us is crystal clear. What we will be discussing here is paid education versus free education.

Is education by institutions so important as to subsidize it and allow access to everyone? Are the free courses and careers worth enough to be of quality?

Advantages of free educational media; Free education media is a great job creation tool with a low barrier to entry. Today, among them we can mainly find online courses and face-to-face workshops.

A clear example of the success that offering free education courses can present is our web platforms. Those platforms specialize in offering education material for students. Through these platforms, students can examine their learning and prepare for exams.

Much of its success is due to its teaching model, totally online and free. This allows interested students to take part in one of the courses offered for their relevant field. And also to progress at their own pace, from wherever they want. In addition, they have an extensive list of free online courses so that they can acquire knowledge about the area that is of interest to them.

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy in this article. The free educational media do have a negative part as well. Although we must clarify that this part does not apply to its students, but rather to its creators.

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of free education has more clearly explained why education should be free.

The fact that you offer an education course completely free will make your audience increase exponentially. Many people who have doubts about whether to register or not will do so simply because it is free.

While this will increase your exposure, it will also increase the percentage of enrollees dropping out of the course, or not even starting it. That is why you should not be alarmed if you have a paid course. When you switch it to free, you see how the student numbers increase.

Another very common drawback is related to quality. Many people believe that because it is free, your course will not have enough quality. That is why the main duty is to always maintain a high level of quality in all classes so that the student continues to attend and feel motivated.

Access to free education has become common and easier online through the various platform of Punjab Group of Colleges.

Live your dreams!

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