FSc Admission

We will define FSc in easy words, that is “Faculty of Sciences”. Normally, we call it Intermediate. However, FSc is further divided into two types if you talk about the nature of subjects.

  •         FSc- Pre-Medical
  •         FSc Pre- Engineering

FSc admission 2020:

Basically FSc admission 2020 requires, a student should have cleared the matriculation exam. If a student gets enough marks in 9th & 10th classes, then he or she can opt in FSc degree program. Indeed, it is somehow a very crucial stage for students because after matric exams, they do not have clear insights about the future. They need proper guidance to choose their future fields.

FSc Program 2020

Good thing is PGC conducts a number of career counselling workshops to guide each student individually. Before FSc admission, a student can contact the admission staff to get details and guidance free of cost. Each student spends almost a couple of years in FSc program 2020.

FSc Admission

Last date of Admission in FSc 2020

Ist year and 2nd year education in Pakistan bring a lot of talented students every year. Almost every private and government college in Pakistan clearly defines the last date of admission in FSc 2020 on their notices boards or official websites.

We advise you to initiate the admission process so that you may have sufficient days before the closing date. Otherwise, there you can see a very unpleasant situation. If you find any kind of confusion regarding these matters, then you can contact us.

  • Admission fee for FSc
  • Updated Criteria for FSc exam 2020
  • Eligibility for FSc education
  • Duration of FSC Program

In Pakistan if you are going to attempt for FSc then it means you are going towards higher secondary level education. Or sometimes we often call it college level course 2020. After SSC exams your next target is passing the HSSC exam with maximum marks.

FSc with Biology & FSc with Math:

If your main interest is in mathematics, then you can choose FSc pre-engineering. If you would like to become a top aerospace engineer, mechanical engineer, civil engineer or computer engineer then go for pre-engineering. We further clarify here the scope of 2 years FSc or intermediate degree.

What can I do after FSc?

Top 22 Fields after FSc Pre-engineering

  1.     Electrical Engineering program
  2.     Aerospace Engineering field
  3.     Aeronautical Engineering
  4.     Mechanical Engineering Degree
  5.     BS Nanotechnology Engineering
  6.     BS Computer Science & Information Technology
  7.     BS Electronics Engineering
  8.     BS Mathematics Engineering
  9.     Materials Engineering
  10. Civil Engineering
  11. BS Computational Physics
  12. Computer Engineering Program
  13. BS Space Sciences (after FSc)
  14. Agriculture Engineering Field
  15. Petroleum & Gas Engineering Field
  16. Electronics Engineering program
  17. BS Physics Educational field
  18. Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
  19. Polymer & Petrochemical
  20. Robotics, Control Engineering & Embedded Systems Engineering
  21. Telecommunication Engineering
  22. Textile Engineering Program

FSc pre-engineering

More than 60 programs are offered regarding engineering in Pakistan. The scope is really big if a student successfully secures at least 80% marks in FSc pre-engineering.

Pre-engineering students also love to pursue their career in Physics and Numerical Sciences. These are much better options, especially for those students who show scientific aptitude. Such students are normally eager to have analytical skills in their personalities. They observe a specific factor, then try to find it’s causes and finally derive some outcomes. Studying nature means you have a good grip over physics.

Some vital courses in Physics and Numerical Sciences are given below so that you can come to know which can be vital educational fields or programs in this context.

  1. Mathematics
  2. Nanotechnology Program
  3. Space Sciences Program
  4. Physics
  5. Statistics field
  6. Computational Physics Program
  7. Physical Science Program
  8. Applied Physics

Similarly, CS and IT programs have revolutionized the whole world. If you are going for FSc admissions 2020 then you are supposed to look at the applications of computer sciences program as well. For this, a student must have a technical oriented approach so that he or she can give 100% performance in a higher degree program.

Can you complete FSc in One Year in Pakistan?

Well, the answer is a bit tricky but we would like to address it in a very easy way. After reading this you will have a clear concept about the duration which is standard in all over Pakistan. Additionally, you would be able to understand what is the condition of completing the FSc program in one year? Is there a possibility to complete an FSc degree in just 1 year? What are the conditions to pass FSc exams in a legal way?

So, let us discuss it here. There are still many questions and doubts regarding this situation but here we will let you know a common practice. There are many cases we see, when a student gets registered in previous year for first year exam but due to any legitimate reason he or she could not appear in exams or get success in papers. So, now the option you would have, giving papers in a single year for both part 1 and part 2. However, it is not recommended practice and can be challenged later on too. Great performance in final papers cannot be an easy thing to achieve for such students who go for a one-year system.

Do you know the difference between FSc and A-level?

Before (FSc admission) you may need to have clear understanding for both types of education. Each of the courses have distinct and unique features. It’s you who will decide what best suits your future and background?

Fields after FSc study

Fields after FSc study, you should have some fields where you would try your luck. Either you want to be a doctor or engineer. Do you want to stay and serve people in Pakistan after Fsc? Pros and Cons can be different but here we would like to explain that if you intend to stay in Pakistan then FSc would be the best option and have more advantages. Even if you want to apply for CSS then your marks and subjects will help you. A-level comes under the scope of the international examination system which is managed by Cambridge. The fee system is a bit higher than the FSc program.

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