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Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has achieved to become country’s largest quality educational network in the private sector over the past 33 years. PGC family includes 3 Chartered Universities, 390 PGC campuses, Hadaf Colleges, 1,038 Allied School Campuses, 15 Resource Academia campuses and nearly 306 EFA Schools. We have a student body of more than 490,000+ and an alumni network of 2,138,000 professionals worldwide.

In the area of higher education, University of Central Punjab-Lahore, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University-Karachi, and Capital University of Science & Technology-Islamabad are proficiently offering international standard higher education in numerous disciplines.

Our educational setups are customized physical infrastructures equipped with latest computers. We strive to provide quality education and ensure the employment of committed and highly qualified faculty.

Being the top leading educational sector compels us to maintain our position and make it better for students where they can experience the latest industry compatible degree programs and do not feel the need to go abroad for higher education. We are currently offering education in 111 cities across the country. Our programs are rich in curriculum and are designed to give students a pro-active acquaintance through creative assignments and industry-based projects.

The faculty has a diverse academic exposure to enhance students’ practical skills. We are projecting to expand our horizons and explore more opportunities for expansion. PGC is committed to achieve educational excellence and maintaining its traditions of setting milestones in both co-curricular and extracurricular activities. We accommodate various sports programs and recreational activities in an academic year to encourage the students to grow and prosper around the globe.

PGC being the Largest Educational Network in Pakistan, aims to make quality education accessible at every corner of the country. We are proud to offer the utmost level of education at our distinguished network of institutions.

With the Grace of Almighty Allah, our progress manifests our commitment and sustainability.

Prof. Sohail Afzal
Executive Director

Executive Director
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Executive Director
Punjab Group of Colleges