The Federal Board of Intermediate Result has been announced and enduring the culture of success, Punjab Group of Colleges once again stands out with marvelous results by achieving 12 Top Positions. The number of positions has incredibly increased from 9 to 12. Indeed, the educational ground of PGC has reached the high pitch by holding remarkably skillful cult who secured 4 Overall Top Positions out of 12 and made the institute fly among other educational institutions perfectly.

Heading towards the brilliance of students, let’s have a quick glance on their accomplishments:

  • Hammad Saleem (Roll# 505999) attained Overall 1stPosition and stood 1st in Pre-Medical Group (Marks: 1058/1100)
  • Masooma Zainab Bokhari (Roll# 565954) achieved Overall 1stPosition and secured 1st Position in Pre-Medical Group (Marks: 1058/1100)
  • Momina Maham (Roll# 565955) accomplished Overall 1stPosition with 1st Position in Pre-Medical Group (Marks: 1058/1100)
  • Muhammad Moiz Mubashir (Roll# 506000) clinched Overall 2ndPosition and achieved 2nd Position in Pre-Medical (Marks: 1057/1100)
  • Rabbia Sajjad (Roll# 583525) notched 2ndPosition in Science General (Marks: 991/1100)
  • Bisma Anwar (Roll# 590268) nailed 1stPosition in Commerce Group (Marks: 980/1100)
  • Mehran Habib (Roll# 543818) secured 2ndPosition in Commerce Group (Marks: 959/1100)
  • Aliza Shahid (Roll# 590852) got 3rdPosition in Commerce Group (Marks: 953/1100)

The extraordinary results of Punjab Group of Colleges prove the provision of ideal education to every individual out there. The results are incredible and serve as a stepping stone for the students who yearn to get admission in well renowned medical and engineering institutes.